GEORGIA - Rikoti Highway Tunnel Electromechanical Works

Work: Rikoti Highway Tunnel Electromechanical Works

General information related to the tunnel: Approximately 1.754 m coming and  1.754  m going single tube 2 lanes highway tunnel and linking roads. 

Commencement and completion dates: September 2011 – September 2012 

Place of work and employer: Georgia; Georgia Road Depertment Services  / SINOHYDRO

General scope of the work: Performing the works including the design, projecting, material supply, installation, tests and commissioning of the tunnel safety and traffic control systems according to the national and international standards as turn-key delivery...

•    In-tunnel spaces for special purposes (bays)
•    Tunnel lighting and lighting control system
•    Tunnel ventilation and ventilation control system 
•    Tunnel traffic control and management system 
•    Tunnel CCTV (closed circuit camera monitoring) system 
•    Automatic incident detection system with camera
•    Linear fire detection system 
•    Fire alarm and monitoring contacts system 
•    Fire extinguishing system with water
•    SOS emergency situations and communication system 
•    Emergency lighting system 
•    Emergency exit and information illuminated signs system 
•    Tunnel entrance barrier closing systems 
•    Redundant electrical distribution system 
•    Redundant in-tunnel computer network and communication system 
•    LCC: Tunnel local control center and SCADA system

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